Channeling my inner…

-Hey, It has been a while . How are you doing?

-Like always.

-Isn’t it funny that we spend every single second together, yet I barely know you.

-How ironic… what do you wish to know?

– I don’t know; why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself, about us.

– Don’t you think that I’d stop talking to you if i knew the answer to this question

– Good point well made. Okay then, let us start with some easy questions. The basic boring questions that you get asked about so frequently that it became so weary. The ones that you find so hard to answer and…. Without further ado, ¬†What terrifies you most ?


– Did I say something wrong?

-No, It is just that I can’t pick whether it is the unknown and the ambiguity of life or death, Although You can say that death is my main concern in this ambiguity

-What do you mean…?

-I like mysteries and I enjoy enigmas but death is so harrowing that I can’t even imagine.

-Why are you so scared of it…?

-I’m scared of myself after I encounter it.

-Now, wait! there is no ”myself” after encountering it.

– I’m not talking about my body in that static phase that lasts forever. I’m talking about me witnessing it, me feeling it is pain, The pain of loss.

-Let us try something different, what do you think of yourself ?

-You mean what do I think of you

-Obviously, yeah.

– a good unworthy pathetic entity.


-OK… So, What is your cup of tea then..?

-well, I’m not so sure what my cup of tea is but i’m pretty sure it is not this.

-by ”this” you mean….


-It is safe to say that I really never wanted nor missed talking with you ,you know.