My very first blogging experience


We live in a world full of different beliefs and cultures; consequently, We live in a world full of stereotyping.

An example of this is Sam Smith and his controversial Oscar acceptance speech
which managed to make headlines for a few weeks: Not because of its shortage or because of its impact on the world – which is what acceptance speeches are all about- but because of its irrelevance.

Dedicating his award to the LGBT community, Sam used the ” gay card ” to express his pride. Moreover, he said that he was the first non- heterosexual to win such award. Quoting him, “If this is the case … even if it isn’t the case, I want to dedicate this to the LGBT community, all around the world.” Indeed, it’s “not the case.”

However, it’s a first for a super star to turn an opportunity of influencing others into a self-centred speech. Sam, without realizing, has stereotyped himself and has actually upset the LGBT community. Which made me see that the minority issue -sometimes- is being increased by the minorities themselves.

If you want to stop being judged and stereotyped, then stop stereotyping yourselves firstly, please.

 I’m pro Gay rights. But my mind cannot comprehend the idea of “coming out!” why should it matter for me to know with whom you prefer to partner, and make a big deal out of it? Frankly, 49% of people right now are something other than “heterosexual” – a proof of the non-minority existence- which is acceptable.
What’s not acceptable is if some of this quite big percentage are only Bi, Gay, Poly or whatever because they want to be sympathized with, or find pleasure in being the underdog.

Same thing applies for religions too.
God, I have no intrest in knowing your God, Or whatever higher power -or no power at all- you believe in! Your personal beliefs and religious values are reflected by your behaviour and attitude!

I’m not against freedom of speech, or freedom of any form; actually, I am pro freedom and pro choice! But not when it comes to things that are, literally, irrelevant to the common good.

Spread Your values, if you want, just don’t add the “I” in the sentence. And if you do, don’t complain when you get stereotyped: you did it your self anyway.

Perhaps if we applied this Nmnm thought, it will make us take an extra step in our pursuit of peaceful co-existence.


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