No need to read

On the wake of the sadness you have been feeling lately, the dark thoughts you have been having, and your latest experiences, it is safe to say that you have finally figured your shit out, right?

I mean you know the mess you truly are and that you are your worst hater– you believe the lame excuses they make and refuse to believe your own, the ones you know it is utterly true.

it is funny that the ones you strive for are the ones who made you hate yourselves, it is funny how you will never change. You will always be that annoyingly rude and loud person

the fact that the only thing that is stopping you from taking your own life is a fear that might not even be true, and the fact that that you finally realized that you are no good ( you know you are good to some, but a lot would do much better without you.) after all of this time (you always had this feeling deep down that you are just a no-worth) is pathetic

Shall I continue ?


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