Youth is overrated

Who the fuck told you that life, as a young persona, should be nice and care-free? Dude, life is life
even children go through shit
It is just how we view this ‘shit’ I promise you: the tears your little sibling spilled on that chocolate he/she didn’t get is, to him, almost as hurtful as the ones you spent when you broke up with your lover or when you didn’t get that job.
It all depends on our egocentric self’s perspective and how it likes to believe that it is the only one that is suffering; only to justify the sadness, the pain. We always tend to believe we are so strong, so it shocks us when the realization of our semi-weakness hits us in the face… What it is so trivial to you is so central to others and vice-versa. And for that, do us all a favor, and stop the self pity and judgement.


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